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Park fees to Amboseli National Park  

Amboseli National Park is a top tourist destination that is found in the south-eastern part of Kenya. The large herds of elephants that are found within the National Park and other types of wildlife have made it popular with tourists. The park is home to thousands of wildlife with some specific animals like lions, leopards, buffalos, elands, zebras, and giraffes among others. It is home to over 400 bird species like the Long toed-lapwing, spike-heeled lark, greater flamingo, Rufous chatterer, yellow-necked spurfowls, lesser flamingos, Pangani longclaw, steel blue whydah, and Taveta golden weaver.

Amboseli National Park offers various activities to tourists like game drives, birding, horse riding, cycling, nature walks, and cultural walks, visit Lake Amboseli, and also has great views of Mountain Kilimanjaro which can easily be viewed from the observation hill and the hot air balloon rides.

Amboseli safaris

Visitors to the Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park receives many tourists and these are categorized into different groups which are residents, non-residents, citizens, and Students. Below is a detailed explanation of the different groups of tourists who visit the National Park.

  • Non-residents: these are tourists from different countries that neither work nor stay in Kenya.
  • Students: these are visitors that are between 3 to 23 years and explore the National Park on an organized tour with a recognized institution. The trip is normally about research and education purposes and there is a special fee for students who come on organized tours with institutions. Student fees are only eligible if the organizers of the tour write to the Kenya wild service and this has to be done at least two weeks before the trip.
  • Citizens: citizens are tourists that have Kenyan citizenship and East African citizenship and this proof must be presented at the gates. Countries in East Africa include Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, DRC, Burundi, and Rwanda.
  • Residents: residents are tourists that live and work in Kenya but do not have citizenship in Kenya. Residents have to provide proof of their working and resident’s permit while at the park’s entrance.
  • Children: to be considered a child, you must be 3 to 18 years.

The Kenya wildlife Authority recently released new park fees for Amboseli National Park and these are going to be effective from July 2022 till December 2024.

Park entrance fees

Every tourist is supposed to pay entrance fees and these rules were set up by the park management and the Kenya wildlife service. The fee that is paid at the entrance is always valid for only one day and is best known as park fees. Below is a list of the different groups of tourists and how much each is supposed to pay.

Low season    high season

Non-residents             $40 for adults                                                $70 for adults  

$20 for children/students                           $20 for children/students


Citizens                        600 kshs for                                                     860 kshs for children/student

215 kshs for children/students                    215 kshs children/students


Residents                      600 kshs for adults                                        215 kshs children/students

215 kshs for children/students                   215 kshs children/students

Fees paid per activity

Some activities are paid for independently and these are horse riding, hot air balloon rides, night game drives, cycling and nature walks safari the fees are paid per person and are valid for one day.

Horse riding minus the rider                          2585 kshs

Horse riding on private horses                      1030 kshs

Nature walks                                                     1500 kshs

Night game drive                                              2155 kshs

Security guided tours (4 hours)                     1720 kshs

Cycling safari                                                     215 kshs

Security guided tour (over 4 hours)              301 kshs

Camping fees

Camping in Amboseli is categorized into two that is public camping sites and special camping sites. The camping fees that are paid depend on the category of your choice.

Public campsites

Citizen                     250 kshs                                                 200 kshs for children/students

Non-residents        $30 for adults                                        $25 for children/ students

Residents                600 kshs for adults                               300 kshs for children/students

Special campsites

Citizens                   500 kshs for adults                                200 kshs for children/students

Non-residents        $50 for adults                                         $25 for children/ students

Residents                600 kshs for adults                                350 kshs for children and students

Reservation fees                                                             7500 kshs

Cancellation fees                                                             7500 kshs

The annual pass fees

Annual pass fees in Amboseli are paid once a year and these allow the tourists to have full access too of Amboseli National Park for a full year.

Children/students annual pass                             10340 kshs

Adult annual passes                                                 43100 kshs

Annual passes for Personalized tour driver         6000 kshs

Corporate annual passes                                        103440 kshs

Vehicle fees

Vehicle fees are charged depending on the capacity of the vehicle. The vehicle fees are also valid for only 24 hours.

Less than 6 seats                                          300 kshs

6 to 12 seats                                                 1030 kshs

13 to 14 seats                                               2585 kshs

25 to 44 seats                                               4050 kshs

45 seats and above                                     5000 kshs

Vehicles stationed in the park

Vehicles stationed in Amboseli National Park pay an annual fee paid according to the weight of the vehicle and type.

Type of vehicle                                               weight of vehicle                                          fees

PSVs (6 seats)                      less than 2 tonnes          10000 kshs

Commercial vehicles (6 seats)            less than 2 tonnes    10000 kshs

PSVs (6 to 12 seats)            2-5 tonnes    10000 kshs

Commercial vehicle (6-12 seats)                  2-5 tonnes                10000 kshs

PSVs (not stationed) 6 to 13 seats    60000 kshs

Commercial vehicles (not stationed) 6 to 13 seats    60000 kshs

PSVs (13 seats and more)                                5 tonnes    100,000 kshs

Commercial vehicles (13 seats and more)    5 tonnes    100,000 kshs

Delivery vehicles and trucks

Delivery vehicles and trucks entering Amboseli National Park are charged according to the weight that they carry.

1 to 3 tonnes                                                  515 kshs

4 to 7 tonnes                                                  2155 kshs

7 tonnes and above                                      3015 kshs

Single aircraft landing fees

Capacity                                                          fees

3 seats                                                            300 kshs

4 to 6 seats                                                     500 kshs

7 to 14 seats                                                   1000 kshs

15 to 20 seats    2155 kshs

Special services

Recovery of vehicles inside the park                                    7500 kshs

Security (rangers)                                                                     75,000 kshs

What you need to know about park fees

  • All the fees that are paid in Amboseli are valid for only 24 hours
  • Entry fees also include a game drive around the National Park
  • The mode of payment in Amboseli is through Electronic Funds transfer, visa card, and Mpesa.


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