Amboseli National Park Kenya

Lodges in Amboseli National Park

There are several places where you can stay while in Amboseli National Park with some found within the National Park whereas others can be found outside the National Park. The accommodation facilities in Amboseli are categorized into three categories or tiers and these are the basic/budget accommodation, mid-range accommodation, and luxury accommodation facilities.  These accommodation facilities are chosen and ranked for tourists depending on your budget and the services that are offered at the facility before it is recommended. Irrelevant of which tier you choose, you will still get to participate in the same activities like game drives, birding and nature walks among others.

For the luxury accommodation facilities, we recommend the Tortilis camp, House of Waine, and, Tawi lodge. Mid-range accommodation facilities include Satao Elerai camp and the Amboseli Serena lodge. Most of the budget accommodation facilities are found outside the National Park in the villages nearby. Try out the Amboseli Sopa lodge for those that want to try out the budget accommodation facilities.

Amboseli lodge accommodation

Note that all the accommodation facilities within and outside the Amboseli National Park are booked in advance and the payments are also done before you arrive at your chosen facility. Cash is rarely accepted but visa cards can be used and you can pay for the room in advance using bank transfers. Rooms are hard to come by especially during the peak season (dry season) and that is why you should get one on time. Accommodation facilities you should check out while here include:

House of Waine

The House of Waine is a luxury hotel located on a former coffee plantation. It was built during the colonial period and it still has the same feel and structure and sits on about 2.5 acres. House of Waine has 11 spaciously well-decorated rooms with different names. 9 rooms can either be used as singles or doubles depending on what you want and all the mentioned rooms have an en-suite bathroom with wide windows and a flushing toilet. Complementary that are offered in the rooms at the House of Waine are a flat-screen, tea, coffee, WIFI, air conditioning, safes for the laptops, baby cribs if you have babies and a hair dryer and direct telephones among others.

The House of Waine also offers free secure parking, laundry services, room service, restaurant services, and a bar. The rooms at House of Waine are named as follows:

  • Manyatta was named after the famous Masai hut known as the Minyatas. The room has a high resemblance to a Manyatta and it also has a Masai warrior portrait which was done by a local artist.
  • Makan, the Makan room is Indian themed and it is filled with lots of red chili pepper and decorated with warm ornate fabrics. This was done to honour Indians who have had a great part in the development of the country.
  • Sahara is Dessert themed and is filled with artwork of the Sahara Desert sand and fabrics from the Sahara.
  • Victoria, this room was decorated with décor from the Victorian era and it is the only room in the area that has a fireplace. Staying in this room feels like you’ve gone back in time to the Victorian era.
  • Safari, named after the Arabic word Safa which means a long journey, the safari room has been decorated with art pieces and décor in honour of both the past and present explorers.
  • Bustan, this is a garden room with an adjacent garden.
  • Ziwa, Ziwa is a Swahili word for Lake and the décor used in this room depicts what a Lake looks like.
  • Kanini room connects perfectly with the Makan room and it is the smallest in the House of Waine. It is very child friendly and good for tourists who come with children to Amboseli.
  • Pwani is considered to be the most relaxing room at the House of Waine because of the relaxing coastal décor that was used.
  • Tembo, the word Tembo is a Swahili word that means elephant. It is decorated with different textures that represent an elephant and staying here means that you will have an unforgettable experience.

The House of Waine also has a cottage with a kitchen, a private garden, and a dining room. It is the best place for families and tourists traveling in groups. The cottage has 3 en-suite bathrooms both double and single rooms. Services that are offered at the cottage include a hair dryer, WIFI, toiletries, makeup mirror, direct dial telephones, flat screen, and a bathtub.

House of Waine is the best place to stay if you are willing to go your way out to have fun and a luxurious safari while in Amboseli.

The Satao Elerai camp

Located at a higher altitude with a clear view of the surroundings, the Satao Elerai camp is found inside the Amboseli National Park in the Elerai Conservation Area in the south-eastern part of the National Park. Satao is close to the Kilimanjaro Mountains and was named after a giraffe by the local people of Waliangulu. Satao Elerai camp has unique features which make it look unique just like the sister camp that is found in the Tsavo East National Park. You have to cross a fish pond and a tiny bridge to get to the camp and on this short walk, you will get to see quite a large number of bird species and wildlife. $384 is paid per night for two guests at the Satao Elerai.

12 operational tents are used in the camp and these are extremely spacious that is they can house single, double, and triple beds. The tents were strongly built facing different directions with eco-friendly materials targeting wooden floors, stone plinths, and wooden with a clear view of Mountain Kilimanjaro. The camp also has a family tent of four which is the best option for tourists traveling as a family.

The camp is not fenced in any way so expect to see different types of wild animals walking around the camp from your balconies and a great view of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Opened in 2007, the Satao Elerai has five luxury camps that are self-contained with en-suite bathrooms and flushing toilets, the rooms have a bar, wooden floors, and walls that keep out the vibrations from the animals walking around the camp, chairs, and a table. They include family rooms, double rooms, and single and triple rooms. You can also request extra beds if you need them and they will be availed to you at a cost.

All the rooms in Satao have balconies and are self-contained and furnished. Meals at the Satao are prepared by well-trained chefs who make sure that the meals are ready and served on time. The fruits and vegetables that are served with all your meals are freshly picked from the gardens around Satao. The Satao sits on about 500 acres of land offering guests the best experience for tourists who prefer their privacy.

Satao camp is the best for tourists who love game drives and this is because it is not fenced. However, visitors are not allowed to walk around the camp alone, especially during night hours but are to be escorted by the Masai warriors.

The camp organizes different activities for the guests that are extremely entertaining and these include nature walks, board games, biding, Masai cultural tours, and Game drives among others. They can also organize a van to pick you up from the Amboseli airstrip to the accommodation facility.

The Tawi lodge

Tawi Lodge is a luxurious accommodation facility that is found in the conservation area in the eastern part of the Amboseli National Park. The National Park works hand in hand with the African Wildlife Foundation to help in preserving the ecosystem around them. The Tawi lodge has about 12 chalets with each one of these rooms having its wooden deck where can relax in the mornings and evenings. You can either go for the twin bed chalets or the double bed chalets with grass-thatched roofs. The rooms are fully furnished and they all come with an inbuilt fireplace and living room.

The Tawi lodge has a large dining area and bar and these two are found right in the center of the lodge on the path that leads to the swimming pool area. All the ingredients that are used in preparing all the meals at the Tawi lodge are picked from the gardens around the Amboseli and other coastal herbs got from the coast of Mombasa.

Some of the activities that are offered at the Tawi lodge include birding where you will get to see ostriches, flamingos, secretary birds, and pygmy falcons among others, game drives with good vies of predators like lions, cheetahs, baboons, zebras, wildebeests and buffalos among others, guided nature walks and cultural trips to the nearby villages.

Amboseli Serena Safari lodge

The Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge is a mid-range accommodation facility which is located inside the Amboseli National Park. It is an extremely comfortable and affordable accommodation facility with great views of the Amboseli and the animals within it like zebras, wildebeests, buffalos, elands, and lions among others. It is a 92 deluxe-roomed lodge surrounded by acacia trees and a backdrop of the Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Some of the facilities that are offered at the Amboseli Serena lodge include a swimming pool, 24/7 room service, laundry services, and satellite TVs. The rooms go for $308 per night for two adults but this is liable to change due to unavoidable circumstances like the high or low season.

Kilima Safari camp

Kilima safari camp is seated on a 420 acres piece of land with some great views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. It is a mid-range accommodation facility where guests have a clear view of the different waterholes in the Parnd of the huge elephants.

Thelma safari camp has a total of 50 tents 10 of which are milima tents and 12 are lode rooms all facing and having a great view of mountain Kilimanjaro. The Milima tents are categorized into two that is the milima tents and standard tents. General facilities that are offered at the Kilima safari camp include a clothes rack and baby safety gates. A private balcony, dining table, outdoor furniture, wheelchairs, room service, restaurant and bar services, massage services, free Wi-Fi, airport transfers, and BBQ services.

Tortilis camp

The camp is seated on 30,000 acres of land in the Kitirua conservancy which is located in the south-western part of the Amboseli National Park. The tents at Tortilis were constructed using canvas and have thatched roofs and insect-proof windows which reduce the mosquitoes inside the rooms.

The Tortilis camp found inside the National Park was named after an umbrella tree that is a flat-topped umbrella tree which are found within Amboseli.  The camp has a total of 18 tented camps and each of these has a clear view of Kilimanjaro Mountain. All the 16 tents are spacious with an en-suite bathroom, can house twin beds or double beds, and also have the main bedroom.

The accommodation fees that are paid include laundry, airstrip transfers, local drinks except for premium drinks, meals, bar, en-suite bathrooms, a swimming pool, campfire, hot water in the bathrooms, family rooms, and mosquito nets among others. The meals that are served at Tortilis consist of a variety of dishes from different countries for example local dishes from Kenya, Asian cuisines, and European cuisines. The accommodation facility provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals can either be served from the dining area or any place of your preference for as long as you inform the chefs in advance.

Some of the activities that you can carry out while here include game drives, guided nature walks, enjoying a swim in the private swimming pool, cultural walks, and birding. You can also enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine at the comfort of your veranda.

Ol Tukai lodge

The Ol Tukai lodge is found right in the heart of Amboseli National Park and is the best place to watch the large herd of elephants from. The Ol Tukai lodge has about 80 chalets and the rooms are categorized into deluxe single rooms, twin rooms, and basic triple rooms. Each room is decorated with some of the best African pieces.  The rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, toilets, and private terraces from where you can watch the different types of wildlife in Amboseli. The rooms have a great view of Kilimanjaro Mountain.

The services and facilities offered at the Ol Tukai include a dining area, mosquito nets, free parking, restaurant and bar services, spa, a gift shop, table tennis, swimming pool, a private terrace, wardrobe, board games, an electric kettle, chairs, room service, and a table.

Amboseli Sopa lodge

Sitting on 200 acres, the Amboseli Sopa lodge is found at the edge of the Amboseli National Park. The lodge has 83 cottages and each room has either a single or two beds. Below is a detailed explanation of what to expect while in Amboseli National Park.

  • There are 21 rooms each with a king-sized bed with 1 honeymoon suite and 2 rooms suitable for tourists who are physically challenged.
  • 40 rooms have 2 queen-sized beds with 24 of these rooms housing triple beds and 6 rooms have interconnecting doors. The six rooms with interconnecting doors can be turned into family rooms but only if you request on time.
  • 22 room with interconnecting doors has 1 queen-sized bed.

The Amboseli Sopa lodge has a luxurious presidential suite with its own kitchen, private dining rooms, and 2 bedrooms with a lounge. All the rooms at the lodge are decorated with bright colors depicting the Masai culture and the Sopa lodge is surrounded by a variety of vegetation like acacia trees, giant cacti, and savannah vegetation. Wildlife that you can see while at the Amboseli Sopa lodge are monkeys, several bird species, leopards although occasionally, and bush duikers.

Masai Simba camp

The Masai Simba camp is located about 22 miles away from Amboseli National Park and it offers accommodation facilities to tourists visiting the National Park. It has an African feel that will make you extremely comfortable and also has a view of Mountain Kilimanjaro. The vegetation around the camp is home to different types of animals like giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. The rooms at Masai Simba are comfortable and are categorized into deluxe double rooms, deluxe family rooms, and budget single rooms.

Facilities and services at the Masai Simba camp include a game room, BBQ, restaurants, live music performance, gift shop, room service, free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, coffee shop, and a poolside bar. The rooms are the camp have a washing machine, microwave, and outdoor furniture, they can easily be accessed by a wheelchair, a safety deposit box, baby safety gates, mosquito nets, and a desk. Activities that are offered at the Masai Simba camp include nature walks and cultural tours.


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