Amboseli National Park Kenya

Horse riding in Amboseli National Park

Horse riding in Amboseli is not for the faint hearted because of the long distance it involves. The horses that are use are well groomed and they are checked prior to the ride and after the ride to make sure that they are still fit after the long ride. Note that all the horses in Amboseli are ridden in English tack and few of these are ridden in the trail raider saddle. Private horse riding costs 1,030Ksh per person per day. Horse riding in Amboseli is a unique and good way of accessing the wild side of the Amboseli National Park and all it has to offer.

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What you about horseback need to know riding in Amboseli

Horseback riding is an activity that has its rule and regulations that every rider has to follow and these were set up to make sure that the horses and the horse riders are safe. Some of the rules include the following:

  • You need to have experience I horse ridding
  • All horseback rides are led by an experienced Masai warrior and you must at all times follow their lead.
  • Guests are not allowed to feed the horses
  • All guests have to put on helmets before riding
  • The age limit for horse riding is 12 years. All those who are below are not allowed
  • In case of approach by animals, do not let get off the horse.
  • The maximum weight for an advanced horse rider is 95kgs.

Horse riding in Amboseli National Park is done in groups and each group should have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 people.

How long is the horse ride through Amboseli?

Horse riding is mainly done in the mornings and takes about 4 to 6 hours. The distance depends on the experience of the rider. Advanced riders get to ride through Amboseli from the Namanga town and up until they get to the Chyulu hills. The Chyulu hills also have

Other activities carried out in Amboseli

Besides horse riding, there are other activities that are carried out within Amboseli and these are:

  • Game drives: these are the most participated in activities by tourists in Amboseli and best done during the dry season. Wildlife that you get to see while in game drives include lions, elephants, hippos, leopards, giraffes, elands, gazelles and baboons among others.
  • Birding: best varied out during the wet season which is experienced from November to December and March to May. Migratory birds fly into the country and these join the endemic birds creating a large bird list for tourists. Bird species in Amboseli include
  • Cultural tours: these are carried out in the Masai villages that are found outside the Amboseli National Park. You will be required to pay an entrance fee and after that you will get to meet the Masai warriors, be welcomed by songs and dance and also engage in the different activities.
  • Hot air balloons: this is an extra activity that is offered at an extra cost but still exciting. The hot air balloon rides are carried out all year round as you explore the Amboseli National Park from above with heavenly sights from Mountain Kilimanjaro, landscape and wildlife in Amboseli.

Highlights form horseback riding

Join a horseback safari through Amboseli and explore the vast plains and landscapes of the National Park. Enjoy the great views from Mountain Kilimanjaro, get close to the wildlife and also meet the local Masai people while feeling the beating hooves of horses as you ride through Amboseli National Park.

Riding through the Chyulu hills

The terrain in the Chyulu hills is good for horseback riding. Riding through the Chyulu hills will take you around the Ol Donyo lodge where you get to enjoy a day full of horse riding at an extra cost.

  • Horseback rides at Ol Donyo lodge

The Ol Donyo lodge which is located in the Chyulu hills offers the best horse riding safari while on a safari to Amboseli National Park. Horseback riding at the Ol Donyo is offered on a daily basis and the rides start out in the morning for all the lodge guests. They offer full day rides to guests who need them and they also cater for beginners. You can also get to enjoy other activities after the horse rides and these include nature walks and game drives.

Mobile Horse safaris

Mobile horse riding is a luxurious way in which tourists get to enjoy horse rides to the Chyulu hills. During a mobile horse ride, tourists move from one ecosystem to the next and can ride for over 30 miles or more. Tourist who have a lot of experience horse riding and can hold themselves in the saddle for a long time are allowed to join the mobile safari. The mobile horse riding safari can take up to 4 to 6 hours and the mobile camp always leaves first before the riders. It is always set up in the next destination by the time you get there with chefs, waitresses and other people who are to help out in moving of the camp from one place to the next.

Where exactly does the horse riding take place?

Horse riding in Amboseli starts in the Namanga town which is the last town before you get to the gates of Amboseli National Park. This ride is for the advanced riders only. It goes through the bushy areas of Amboseli where you see animals like giraffes, zebras and elands before continuing to the Chyulu hills and then back to the lodges. For the shorter rides, the horse ride is done around clearly marked routes around the National Park.

Best time to go for horse riding

Amboseli has two seasons that is the dry and wet season and these vary due to the park’s closeness to the Equator. The dry season is experienced in the months of January and February and from June to October. The wet months are November to December and April to May. Horse riding can be down throughout the year but the best time is during the dry season because the routes are clear, not slippery and not muddy.


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